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November 2019 - I attended the National Conference of the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material, in Melbourne last week. It was great fun to catch up with colleagues and friends and learn new things. 

One of the discussion points was the Conservation Skills Summit. If you feel like your team could use some extra training in collection care, preventive conservation, photographic materials identification or intensive conservation treatment of photographic materials (for professional Conservators), see the "Training" page below for what A3 Collection Services can offer you.

August 2019 - I had the pleasure of working with the UNSW Canberra Campus Special Collections staff recently to digitise a small collection of lantern slides. The lantern slides were imaged using transmitted and reflected light to capture the images as they would appear when projected with a Magic Lantern, and also to save caption information written on the front and edges of the slides. A complete set of images was supplied to Special Collections on a portable hard drive for archiving and use. 




A3 Collection Services provides training in preservation, conservation and collection management at all levels - from small volunteer organisations to post graduate students.

Collection Management


When resources are tight, getting "bang for your buck" is crucial. Preventive conservation and preservation strategies allow you to care for your entire collection at the same time. Let A3 Collection Services show you how.

Collection enhancement


Making the most of what you have, Whether you want to enhance your collection management system or expand your online presence, digitization can help. A3 will bring a portable studio to you, photograph your collection and provide you with electronic files made to archival standards.


Disaster Preparedness


Prevention is always better than cure. This is so true when considering the consequences of a disaster hitting your collection. Whatever the most likely risk is to your collection, you can reduce the risk simply by being appropriately prepared. 

A3 can help you identify your threats and come up with realistic actions to take and solutions to seek.

Preservation starts with your building.

Exhibition Installation


A professional looking exhibition space  shows you care for the collection items in your custody. A3 Collection Services can provide museum quality showcase dressing, object presentation, light, temperature and humidity monitoring so that you know the exhibition you have created won't damage the collection you have curated.

Treatment advice

Once you've taken care of

Once you've taken care of your whole collection, you will have time to do detailed assessments of individual items.  This is always beneficial prior to exhibition or digitization so you present your collection at it's best. A3 can advise on what these items need, and in some circumstances can carry out conservation treatments on paper and photographic items in your collection.