With 32 years of experience in the preservation of paper and photographic materials, Cheryl has a LOT of knowledge to share.

Photographic Conservation

Understanding the nature of photographic materials takes time, but it starts with a thorough introduction to what they are, how they behave during treatment and what their preservation needs are.

Cheryl has been working in photographic conservation since 1987 and has undertaken many courses to advance her knowledge of photographic materials. From Daguerreotypes to dye sublimation, Cheryl can introduce you to the history, development and management of these materials:

  • identification of black and white materials - cased images, one- two- and three-layer prints, photomechanical processes and negative materials
  • identification of colour processes - early colour, late 20th Century processes and digital prints
  • Hands-on treatment options (for professional conservators) including surface cleaning, repair and consolidation, tape removal, inpainting, mounting, etc.

Similar training can be provided in paper conservation covering the nature of paper and paper-like materials, media types, imaging methods and treatment options.

If you care for a collection of historic photos, Cheryl can also provide a practical, realistic approach to managing and preserving your collection.

Sessions can be run in major cities, rural centers and across the Pacific. They can run for an hour or a week, depending on your needs and desired outcomes. Email me!

Preventive Care

Got insects or rodents? Boxes stacked on the floor? Mould? Thumb tacks holding exhibits up? A3 Collection Services can give you practical advice on improving your collection storage and display areas to extend the life of your collection, and make your displays more professional.

If you have received a Preservation Needs Assessment, I can train you to fulfill the recommendations of the report.

Disaster Preparedness

Major weather events seem to be becoming more and more common across our global region. Is your collection vulnerable to fire? Flood? Cyclones? Civil unrest? Planning for a disaster that affects your collection starts with realising what the most likely risk to your collection is. Expending time and resources on unlikely events is a waste.

A3 Collection Services will come to your institution, sit down with you and discuss what you need and how to get it done. For example:

  • lifting collection items off the floor away from water ingress
  • clearing garden refuse away from the outside walls
  • improving air circulation to avoid mould
  • cleaning gutters
  • clearing blocked drains
  • what to include in a disaster response kit, etc

Training FAQs

  1. Do you do public lectures? Yes, if you have a community group that would be interested in learning about paper and photo preservation, or preservation a family archive, A3 can tailor a talk to your needs.
  2. How long are the sessions? From an hour, to a day, to a week, a training schedule can be tailored to your requirements.
  3. How much does it cost? Email me for a Fee Schedule, and we can decide on the type of training and how much it will cost.